The Last Masterpiece A Thrilling Adventure in World War II Italy

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The Last Masterpiece A Thrilling Adventure in World War II Italy

Do you love exciting adventures and stories about heroes who save the day? If you do, then “The Last Masterpiece” by Laura Morelli is a book you won’t want to miss!

Meet the Heroes:

  • Eva Brunner, a brave German photographer.
  • Josephine Evans, a kind American typist.
The Setting:

Imagine this – it’s the summer of 1943, and the world is at war. The bad guys, known as the Nazis, have taken over Italy. But they didn’t just stop at that; they also stole precious art from Italy’s famous art collections!

The Mission:

Eva and Josephine are called to Italy to help. They didn’t expect to become heroes, but destiny had other plans. They find themselves on a thrilling race against time. Their mission? To rescue some of the world’s most incredible artworks that were taken from places like the Uffizi Galleries and other art collections in Florence, Italy.

The Challenge:
But it won’t be easy. Italy, once their friend, is now an enemy, and the Nazis want to destroy these priceless art pieces! Eva and Josephine must be clever, brave, and quick to outsmart their enemies and protect the art.

The Adventure:
“The Last Masterpiece” takes you on a heart-pounding journey through Italy. Along the way, you’ll discover that not everything is as it seems. Who will try to steal the art, and who will fight to save it? And what sacrifices will these heroes make to keep these masterpieces safe?

Inspiration from Real Heroes:

This story is based on the incredible true story of the Monuments Women and the Fifth Army WACs. These were real-life heroes who risked everything to save art during World War II. Laura Morelli, a famous author and art historian, brings their bravery to life in this thrilling book.

So, if you’re ready for an adventure full of mystery, courage, and the love of art, “The Last Masterpiece” is the perfect book for you. Grab your copy and join Eva and Josephine as they dive into the heart of war-torn Italy to protect some of the greatest artworks in history!



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