Why Do People Love Art Books? Best Art Books to Read in Oct 23

Why Do People Love Art Books? Discover the Best Art Books to Read in October 2023

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Why Do People Love Art Books? The Best Art Books to Read in October 2023

Art books are super cool!

They’re like special windows that let us peek into amazing worlds. Imagine having a magical book that takes you on adventures through time, shows you different places and cultures, and even lets you see what artists were thinking.

If you’re curious about these awesome art books, we’ve put together a list of the coolest ones to read in October 2023.

So, let’s get started on this artistic journey!

1. “The Last Masterpiece” by Laura Morelli

“Imagine a time in history, 1943, during World War II.

Italy was taken over by the Nazis, and two brave women, Eva and Josephine, had a special mission.

They had to rescue valuable art that the Nazis stole from Florence.

It was a thrilling journey full of danger and excitement.

Italy, once a friend, became a foe.

Eva and Josephine raced against time and each other to save the art.

This story is inspired by real events, making it even more exciting.

If you like adventures, you’ll love this book!”

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2. “The Art of Love and Lies” by Rebecca Anderson

In 1857, in Manchester, England, artist Rosanna Hawkins teams up with Inspector Martin Harrison to catch a thief at a big art show.

They want to save a famous painting, Michaelangelo’s “The Manchester Madonna.” Will they succeed?

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3. “The Kingdom of Surfaces: Poems” by Sally Wen Mao

Sally Wen Mao’s poems are like time machines.

She writes about things like porcelain, silk, and pearls, and she explores how people used to think about women who weren’t married.

She also tells stories about Chinese women in America and how they worked with silk.

But the big question in her poems is about important stuff like beauty, power, and how people sometimes treat things and each other.

Her poems help us understand the past in a special way.

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4. “Schoenberg: Why He Matters” by Harvey Sachs

Harvey Sachs wrote a cool book about a music genius named Arnold Schoenberg.

Arnold Schoenberg lived a long time ago in the 1900s. He was a big deal in music, but some people didn’t like his new ideas.

The Nazis even called his music bad stuff!

This book is like a treasure map of Schoenberg’s life.

It shows us how he made music that was totally different from what everyone else was doing.

He was like a rebel in the music world.

So, if you want to learn about a musical superhero who changed the game, read this book.

It’s a quick journey into a world of cool tunes and a guy who didn’t care what anyone else thought!

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5. “Alchemy of a Blackbird” by Claire McMillan

Imagine a long time ago, when there were bad people called Nazis who did terrible things.

But in the midst of all that darkness, there were artists, like Remedios and Benjamin, who wanted to create beautiful things.

They escaped from the Nazis and found a safe place called Villa Air Bel.

It was like a secret hideout for artists.

There, Remedios and Benjamin fell in love and made art together.

But what made their story even more special was their connection to something magical – the tarot cards.

These cards could tell the future and unlock secrets.

So, in this book, you’ll follow Remedios and Benjamin on their adventure, filled with art, love, and the mystical tarot.

It’s a true story that shows how even in the toughest times, art and love can shine brightly.

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6. “Contradiction Days: An Artist on the Verge of Motherhood” by JoAnna Novak

JoAnna Novak wrote a special book about her life. She was going to have a baby, but she felt stuck and couldn’t create things.

She really liked an artist named Agnes Martin.

JoAnna decided to go to a quiet place alone to figure things out.

There, she learned a lot about herself and her art. It’s a story about finding yourself when things are tough.

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7. “Disobedient” by Elizabeth Fremantle

In the old days, like a long time ago in Rome, there was a lady named Artemisia.

She really, really wanted to be a famous artist, you know, the kind whose art everyone talks about.

But there was a big problem.

Back then, people thought that girls should be seen but not heard, especially in the art world.

They didn’t think girls could be great artists.

But Artemisia didn’t care about that one bit.

She knew she was super talented, and she wasn’t going to let anyone stop her.

So, she worked really hard, even when it was tough. She didn’t give up, no matter what.

And guess what? She made it!

She became a famous artist and showed everyone that girls can be amazing artists too.

Her story is like an adventure full of art and never giving up.

That’s what this cool book is all about.

It’s like a story that takes you back in time to see how Artemisia became a great artist, even when everyone said she couldn’t.

It’s like a superhero story but with art instead of capes!

So, if you like stories about strong people who follow their dreams, this book is for you.

It’s all about Artemisia’s journey, her struggles, and how she never gave up on her art. It’s a story of believing in yourself and making your dreams come true.

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8. “Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art” by Lauren Elkin

Lauren Elkin wrote a book about feminist artists.

These artists wanted to show how they felt as people in their art.

They used many different ways to do this, like taking photos or making pictures with shapes.

One artist, Julia Margaret Cameron, took pictures that told stories about women.

Another artist, Kara Walker, made pictures with dark shapes to talk about important things.

All of these artists wanted to change how people thought about women.

They wanted to challenge old ideas that said women should be a certain way.

Their art was like a strong voice saying, “We are more than what others think.”

So, Lauren Elkin’s book shows us how these artists used their art to speak up and make a difference.

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9. “Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movies #2” by Ramin Zahed and Sony Pictures

Explore the cool art in the Spider-Man movie sequel!

This book shows secret art, drawings, and talks with the makers.

Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy, and other Spider-People fight a big bad guy in lots of different worlds.

It’s awesome!

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10. “Worlds Beyond Time: Sci-Fi Art of the 1970s” by Adam Rowe

In the 1970s, there were really cool science fiction books with amazing pictures on the covers. This artist, Adam Rowe, looks at those pictures.

They had spaceships, strange planets, and lots of trippy stuff. He talks about the people who made these awesome pictures and how they still inspire sci-fi art today.

It’s like taking a colorful trip back in time to the ’70s!

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Art books are like magical windows. They show us amazing things about art, history, and cool ideas.

Whether you really like art or just want a fun book, these ones are awesome.

They take you on cool adventures with words and pictures.

Have a great time reading about art and stuff!



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