The Kingdom of Surfaces Poems Best Art Books

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Title: The Kingdom of Surfaces: Poems


Author: Sally Wen Mao

Rating: 4.11

Imagine a world of words that paint pictures in your mind, like magic. Sally Wen Mao is a special kind of artist, but instead of using paint, she uses words. Her book, “The Kingdom of Surfaces: Poems,” is like a treasure chest of poems waiting for you to open.

What’s Inside?

Inside this book, there’s a world of wonders waiting for you. Sally Wen Mao is a poet, and she creates beautiful poems that talk about art, history, and important things like beauty and fairness. She uses words to make you think about how people see each other and how they see themselves.

In this book, you’ll find poems about objects like porcelain, silk, and pearls. These poems are like little stories about these things and what they mean in our world. There are poems about powerful women too, like the “castle-topper,” who had the strength to change the fate of an empire.

A Journey Through History

Sally Wen Mao’s poems also take you on a journey through history. Some poems talk about Chinese women in America and their stories. You’ll learn about how they worked with silk and the beautiful things they created.

The book also talks about something very important – the violence that some people face because of who they are. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some Asian people experienced violence, and these poems remind us to be kind and fair to everyone.

A Call for Change

At the heart of this book, there’s a big idea. It’s like a call for change. Sally Wen Mao wants us to think about how some people want to copy and take things from other cultures, like Chinese art. She talks about a fantasy world where this happens, but it’s not a good thing. It’s a world where power and money are more important than people’s lives and freedom.

Meet the Author

Sally Wen Mao is the amazing person behind these poems. She’s won awards for her poetry, and her words have been chosen as some of the best in America. She’s a talented writer, and in this book, she shares her thoughts and feelings with you.

If you love words and want to explore a world of poetry that talks about important things, “The Kingdom of Surfaces: Poems” by Sally Wen Mao is a book you should read. It’s like a journey through time and space, all with the power of words.


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