Contradiction Days An Artist’s Journey to Motherhood

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Contradiction Days An Artist’s Journey to Motherhood
Contradiction Days An Artist's Journey to Motherhood

Author: JoAnna Novak

Rating: 4.29

Genre: Memoir, Nonfiction, Mental Health, Art, Biography, Feminism

Pages: 256 pages, Hardcover

Published: July 25, 2023, by Catapult

JoAnna Novak’s memoir, “Contradiction Days,” is a captivating story that even an 11-year-old can enjoy. It’s about a lady named JoAnna who is going to be a mom soon, but she’s facing some big challenges.

JoAnna is an artist, and she’s super fascinated by another artist named Agnes Martin. Agnes Martin is known for her paintings, which are kind of like organized doodles, all neat and dreamy. But there’s something else about Agnes that JoAnna finds really cool – she was very dedicated to her art, even though she had a tough time with something called paranoid schizophrenia.

While JoAnna is going through some big changes with her body because of the baby growing inside her, she also starts to struggle with some sad feelings. She feels really down and even thinks about hurting herself. So, she goes to a doctor for help.

But guess what? The doctor isn’t very understanding. He tells her to stop being selfish and take some pills for her sadness. JoAnna doesn’t like that at all. She wants to find her own way to feel better.

So, JoAnna makes a deal with herself. She decides to dive deep into Agnes Martin’s art and her way of living. JoAnna rents a house in a place called Taos, and for three weeks, she shuts herself off from the outside world. No phone, no emails, no talking to her husband, not even cuddling her dog.

During this time, she explores Agnes Martin’s art and tries to understand it better. And you know what? Something amazing happens. JoAnna learns a lot about herself and how to deal with all the different feelings she’s going through because of the baby.

This book is like an adventure into the world of art, feelings, and self-discovery. It shows that sometimes when life gets tough, you can find your own way to heal and grow.

JoAnna Novak, the author,

is a really talented writer. She’s not just a writer; she’s also a poet and teaches at a university. She’s written other books too, and her work has been in famous places like The New York Times.

So, if you’re into stories about art, emotions, and figuring things out, “Contradiction Days” is a book you might want to check out. It’s a journey of self-discovery that you won’t want to miss.


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