The Mother of All Success Manuals By Clara Capano

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The Mother of All Success Manuals: How to Control Your Days, Lose the Guilt, and Find Harmony Between Work and Life

The Mother of All Success Manuals By Clara Capano

This book is like a guiding star for moms who are also entrepreneurs. It’s about making life better, not just for the business moms but for everyone they care about. Moms who run businesses have a lot on their plates. They manage their companies, take care of clients, handle projects, and then go home to handle more tasks. This book is here to help these amazing working moms:

  1. Set healthy boundaries.
  2. Communicate well in business and at home.
  3. Create a foundation for self-care.
  4. Understand the power of their dreams and how to share them.
  5. Build a mindset to stay focused, purposeful, and passionate.

By making these positive changes, working moms don’t just improve their own lives but also make life better for their families, friends, and clients. So, if you’re a mompreneur, this book is like a friendly guide to help you balance your busy life.

  • It’s 184 pages long.
  • Written in English.
  • Published by Greenleaf Book Group LLC on September 28, 2023.
  • Dimensions: 16.51 x 1.91 x 24.13 cm.
About the Author:

Clara Capano has spent over 20 years in Sales, Leadership, and Performance Coaching. She’s passionate about helping others discover their strengths and find clarity in their lives and businesses. Her successful methods have helped hundreds of people unlock their potential and move forward to achieve their goals.



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