The Killing Vote Torrent Magnet Review And Free Download

The Killing Vote Torrent Magnet Review And Free Download

“The Killing Vote: A World of Justice and Votes”


  • Title: The Killing Vote (Original Title: National Death Penalty Vote)
  • TV Series
  • Year Started: 2023
  • Rating: 16+

“The Killing Vote” is an intriguing TV series set in a unique world. Imagine a place where criminals sometimes escape the usual justice system, and it’s up to everyday citizens to decide their fate. But here’s the twist: they do it by voting via text messages, and if more than half agree, a mysterious figure known as “Dog Mask” carries out the death penalty.

Season 1 Returns:

  • Premiere Date: October 5, 2023

In this world, justice takes on a whole new meaning. When criminals manage to avoid traditional punishment, citizens have the power to influence their fate. They participate in a text-based voting system, deciding whether or not a person should face the ultimate penalty – death. If more than half of the votes are in favor, a character known as “Dog Mask” steps in to carry out the sentence.


  • Drama
  • Thriller


  • Age Rating: 16+


  • Release Date: August 10, 2023 (United States)
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Official Site: [hancinemasbs Official Site](Link to the official site)
  • Language: Korean
  • Also Known As Вбивчий голос (Alternate title)
Technical Specifications:
  • Color: Color

Explaining “The Killing Vote” to an 11-Year-Old:

In “The Killing Vote,” people make big decisions about what happens to criminals who have done really bad things. Instead of judges and lawyers, regular folks like you and me get to say if the bad guys should get a very serious punishment. They do this by sending text messages to vote.

Here’s the catch: If more than half of the people agree, a mysterious person called “Dog Mask” takes action, and the bad guy faces a really tough punishment. It’s like a big vote where the outcome can be life-changing.

This show is full of drama and suspense, making it quite thrilling to watch. It’s kind of like a mystery where you don’t always know what will happen next. But remember, it’s meant for older viewers because some parts might be too intense for younger kids.

So, if you enjoy shows that keep you guessing and have lots of exciting moments, “The Killing Vote” might be something to look out for!

The Killing Vote Torrent Magnet Review And Free Download


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