Penelope in Retrograde PDF Free Download Audiobook Review And More

Penelope in Retrograde Audiobook Free Download PDF Review And More

Title: Penelope in Retrograde

Author: Brooke Abrams

Rating: 4.21 (2,842 ratings)

Penelope in Retrograde Audiobook Free Download PDF Review And More

Penelope Banks is really good at writing love stories, the kind that makes your heart feel warm when you read them. But even though she’s great at making up these beautiful stories, her own family isn’t like that. They’re a bit complicated, and she hasn’t felt like she truly belongs with them for a while.


One day, Penelope had a really big problem. She had just started her own bookstore, a special place all about love stories. But here’s the tricky part: her bookstore was in trouble, and it might have to shut down even before it got the chance to open its doors to customers.

To make things right and save her dream store, Penelope had to do something she never imagined she’d do. She had to go back home and ask her family for help. And guess when she decided to do this? Right around Thanksgiving, a time when families come together to celebrate and share.

So, Penelope packed her bags, headed home, and got ready to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She was hoping they could help her fix things with her bookstore so that it could open and make people happy with beautiful love stories.

When Penelope went back to her family’s house, she was ready for the typical family craziness. Her sister always seemed perfect, her nana liked to get involved in everyone’s business, her mom tried to set people up, and her dad was always busy with work. But guess who showed up unexpectedly? Penelope’s ex-husband, Smith!

While riding in the car with Smith, Penny begins to wonder why she’s so good at writing lovely love stories but hasn’t found real romance in her own life. To make things more interesting, she decides to do something a bit like making up a story. She turns her dad’s coworker into her pretend boyfriend. It’s like turning a regular day into an adventure!

Penny has just four days to make things right with her family and save her bookstore. Everything has to work out perfectly if she wants to have a happy ending, not just in her stories but in her real life too.

  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary
  • Humor
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Holiday
Book Details:
  • Pages: 247
  • Edition: Kindle
  • Expected publication date: October 1, 2023

In this book, Penelope learns that sometimes, even in messy and complicated families, you can find your own “happily ever after.” It’s a heartwarming story about love, family, and following your dreams.

Penelope in Retrograde Audiobook Free Download PDF Review And More


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