Happy Birthday Paul Goodman 2023

Celebrating Paul Goodman – Author of “Growing Up Absurd”

Happy Birthday Paul Goodman 2023

Hey there, readers!

Today is a special day because we’re celebrating the birthday of an incredible author, Paul Goodman! He wrote a really interesting book called “Growing Up Absurd.”Paul Goodman was an awesome writer, and his words have inspired a lot of people. Let’s take a moment to thank him for all the great stories and ideas he shared with us through his books.

About Paul Goodman

Paul Goodman wasn’t just an author; he was also a sociologist, poet, writer, anarchist, and someone who cared deeply about the world. He did some important work in the ’60s that inspired a lot of students back then, and his ideas are still pretty cool today.

So, let’s chat about Paul Goodman’s stuff and how it might mean something to us. Have you read “Growing Up Absurd,” or are you thinking about it? We can talk about his books, his ideas, or any cool quotes that you like.

Happy birthday to Paul Goodman!

About “Growing Up Absurd”

This book explores why Paul Goodman thought the way things were organized in society was not right. He believed that young people should grow up in a better world, one that’s different from what they see around them. It’s an interesting look at how society works and how young people fit into it, all with the hope of making the world better.

Quotes From Growing Up Absurd
  1. “Our boys are being wasted on illusory aims and low purposes. They are being trained for no serious function.”
  2. “In such a society as ours, the young people can only be corrosive, for they are called to live in a corruption that they did not make, and do not want.”
  3. “What is at stake is how well they are going to play their part in their own society, now that the slack has gone out of their imagination.”
  4. “The world is disorganized and in the hands of babysitters. It has been since the First World War.”
  5. “The last dying civilization is reflected in an absurd ‘youth culture.’”
  6. “Society is organized against man and the central organization is of boys & girls.”
  7. “The young in this situation do not ask for anything; they are not filled with either ambition or longing.”
  8. “He has no trust, and he sees how far from human decency the adult world is.”
About “The Community of Scholars”

In “The Community of Scholars,” Goodman explores education, philosophy, and society. He questions traditional educational ideas and shows how academic communities can be hubs for learning and teamwork.

Just like his other books, this one makes you think about education’s importance and how it can foster meaningful conversations and smart thinking.

Quotes From The Community of Scholars
  1. “A good educational system should have three purposes: it should provide all who want to learn with access to available resources at any time in their lives; empower all who want to share what they know to find those who want to learn it from them; and, finally, furnish all who want to present an issue to the public with the opportunity to make their challenge known.”
  2. “A community of scholars provides the most convenient opportunity for youth to continue learning from their elders. It supplies the continuous intimacy of a circle and the personal contact that are the natural conditions of learning.”
  3. “A school, I said, is a place to educate—or better, to provide the conditions for self-education. It’s not an end in itself. The consequences of this simple distinction are profound.”
  4. “The human animal is too complex, too multidimensional, to be ‘socialized’ into a well-mannered and steady-going member of the group. If he is healthy, he must rebel, and if he has any talent, he must practice it, and if the process of becoming a man doesn’t have many forms for expression, then the alternative is violence.”
  5. “If the campus was a center of human invention and human communication, it would stand ready for ideas and people that are profoundly disturbing; it would be a place where troubled, thoughtful, inquiring students can find refreshment and freedom.”
  6. “Education is so complex a phenomenon that it cannot be adequately described or analyzed from any one standpoint. It is like the history of a country, or the love-life of a man or woman, or the history of religion, or the growth of the economy.”

That’s all the information I have about Paul Goodman. If you have anything to share add, any questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask!


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