Made for People By Justin Whitmel Earley Best Books 2023

Made for People By Justin Whitmel Earley Best Christian Books 2023

Made for People: Why We Drift into Loneliness and How to Fight for a Life of Friendship
Made for People By Justin Whitmel Earley Best Books 2023

Author: Justin Whitmel Earley

Rating: 4.7

Ratings: 4

Paperback: ₹1,347.00

About the Book

Loneliness Uncovered

Loneliness is like a silent epidemic, and it’s something people rarely talk about. But “Made for People” is here to offer a solution. Sometimes, our busy lives, fear of being vulnerable, and past hurts keep us from the deep and meaningful friendships we crave. This book holds the key to life-changing habits that can help you escape the world of digital isolation and step into a life where you are truly known by your friends.

Unpacking Friendship

Can we truly have and maintain life-giving friendships? “Made for People,” written by Justin Whitmel Earley, a bestselling author and founder of The Common Rule, answers this question. He explains why we are designed for friendships and how we can nurture them in a world driven by technology, especially in a post-pandemic era.

What You’ll Discover:
  • Why loneliness highlights our God-given needs.
  • Why being vulnerable is the first step toward real friendship.
  • How to strengthen the friendships you already have.
  • The crucial habits that build a friendship-centered life.
  • God’s plan for “covenant friendships.”

Breaking the Chains of Isolation

Although isolation might seem like the norm in today’s world, it doesn’t have to be your story. “Made for People” will inspire you to cultivate life-giving friendships and make them a central part of your life.

About the Author

Justin Whitmel Earley wears many hats – he’s a writer, speaker, and lawyer. He’s the author of award-winning books like “The Common Rule” and “Habits of the Household.” Justin dedicates his time to running a business law practice but also loves to empower people with life-giving habits that help them grow in love towards God and their neighbors. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife and four boys, and you can follow him online at



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