Holy Shift By Dan Michelson Best Business Books 2023

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Holy Shift!: Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work
Holy Shift By Dan Michelson Best Business Books 2023

Author: Dan Michelson

Format: Hardcover

Price: $26.00

Publication Date: September 12, 2023

Language: English

Publisher: Forefront Books

Page Count: 272 pages

Dimensions: 5.38 x 1.1 x 8.38 inches

In the book “Holy Shift! Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work,” Dan Michelson, who’s been a CEO for a long time, invites you on an exciting adventure. He talks about the biggest change in how we work and live ever!

This book is for anyone who reads books and people who lead groups in their jobs. It’s full of practical and interesting ideas to answer three important questions: How did we get to this point, where are we headed, and how do we make it happen?

Dan Michelson is really good at making companies work well together. He mixes old stuff with new stuff to give you a plan, kind of like a treasure map, to help your company move into the future of work. “Holy Shift!” has three simple steps to guide your company.

STEP ONE: See the Shift

Knowing how we reached this point helps us choose our next path. Right now, we’re experiencing an incredible and important change – something has shifted.

STEP TWO: Shift Your Mindset

It’s time to shift your thinking and turn company culture into a plan that really brings people together.

STEP THREE: Make Shift Happen

In this part of the book, you’ll find a plan and set of strategies to make your team feel like they are a crucial part of the CORE. This means they’ll feel connected to your company, its culture, and their fellow coworkers.

It’s like giving them the key to be a vital and connected team member.

Here’s a great chance for leaders to step up and take charge. It’s time to go ahead and welcome the “Holy Shift!”

About the Author:

Dan Michelson is like the big boss of a company called InCommon. His job is to help other companies become better at what they do. He’s really good at it and has made a lot of companies very successful.

In the last ten years, Dan was the boss at Strata. He made Strata worth a lot more money during that time. Before that, he worked at a company called Allscripts.

He was in charge of marketing and planning, and he helped Allscripts become a really big company making billions of dollars.

In both places, making the people feel connected and having a good culture was super important for the companies to do well.

Dan also teaches at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University in Chicago. He started Project Music, a special project that organizes concerts to help kids who might not have the chance to go to summer camp.

He’s also involved in HackHunger, a group of tech companies trying to solve the problem of hunger. Dan’s big mission is to help people, companies, and communities grow and do well.



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