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Enrolados Torrent Magnet 2023

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“Enrolados” is the Portuguese title for the animated movie “Tangled,” produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It’s a retelling of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel.

In “Enrolados,” Rapunzel, a young princess with long magical hair, embarks on an adventurous journey with a charming thief named Flynn Rider.

Together, they explore the world beyond her tower, encounter various characters, and discover the truth about Rapunzel’s past.

If you’re looking to legally watch or download “Enrolados,” you can consider the following options:
  1. Disney+: Disney’s official streaming platform, Disney+, is likely to have “Enrolados” available for streaming. You can subscribe to the service and watch the movie as part of its content library.
  2. Digital Retailers: Platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, and YouTube Movies often offer Disney movies for rental or purchase. Search for “Enrolados” on these platforms to see if it’s available.
  3. DVD/Blu-ray: You can purchase the DVD or Blu-ray version of “Enrolados” from authorized retailers or online marketplaces.
  4. Authorized Streaming Services: Some other legitimate streaming platforms in Portugal might offer “Enrolados.” Check with local streaming services to see if the movie is available for viewing.

Remember, supporting content creators by using legal and authorized sources is important for the entertainment industry. Avoid using illegal or pirated websites to watch movies.

Enrolados Torrent Magnet 2023

“Enrolados,” also known as “Tangled,” is a popular animated movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Here are some key details about the movie:

Release Date:

  • November 24, 2010 (United States)

Countries of Origin:

  • United States
  • Japan

Official Sites:

  • Official Facebook Page
  • Stream “Tangled” officially on Disney+ Hotstar Indonesia


  • English
  • German

Also Known As:

  • “Rapunzel”

Filming Locations:

  • Norden, Germany

Production Companies:

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures

“Enrolados” (Tangled) is an animated musical film that is a reimagining of the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel. The story follows Rapunzel, a young princess with magical long hair, who yearns to explore the world beyond the tower where she has been kept by Mother Gothel. With the help of a thief named Flynn Rider, Rapunzel embarks on an adventure filled with excitement, humor, and self-discovery.

The film received positive reviews for its animation, music, and characters, and it became a box office success. It’s widely loved by audiences of all ages and has become a cherished addition to Disney’s collection of animated classics.






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