Celebrating 1 Year of “Sisu” (2022)

Celebrating 1 Year of “Sisu” (2022)

Celebrating 1 Year of “Sisu” (2022)
Celebrating 1 Year of "Sisu" (2022)

“Sisu” is a movie that came out in 2022. It’s an action-packed film that takes place during World War II in Lapland, a snowy wilderness. The story follows a tough ex-soldier who finds gold and faces off against Nazi soldiers led by a very mean officer.


  • Jalmari Helander


  • Jalmari Helander


  • Jorma Tommila
  • Aksel Hennie
  • Jack Doolan


  • Action
  • War


  • 1 hour and 31 minutes

The story happens in the last days of World War II. A man named Jorma Tommila is a prospector, which means he looks for valuable things like gold. He crosses paths with some Nazis who want his gold. These Nazis are soldiers from Germany who did very bad things in the war. But they quickly learn that Jorma Tommila is not just an ordinary miner. He’s like a one-man army, and he’s ready to do anything to get his gold back.

“Vengeance is golden.”


  • This movie is rated R because it has strong, bloody violence, gore (which means it can be very scary), and bad language.

Why Should You Watch It?
“Sisu” is an action-packed movie with lots of exciting fights and a hero who never gives up. If you like action and adventure, this movie is for you!

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