A Winter in New York Audiobook Free Download Review PDF

A Winter in New York Audiobook Free Download Review PDF

Title: “A Winter in New York” by Josie Silver

A Winter in New York PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

Book Overview:

  • Author: Josie Silver
  • Rating: 4.12 (Based on 538 ratings)
  • Reviews: 405 reviews
  • Genre: Romance, Christmas, Holiday, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, Food
  • Pages: 384 pages (Hardcover)
  • Expected Publication Date: October 3, 2023

Plot Summary:

  • “A Winter in New York” is a cozy story about a young chef named Iris. She decides to go to New York City to start her life over. It’s a big, busy place with lots of excitement!
  • As Iris wanders around the city, she starts to see that the New York she had in her mind from watching movies and remembering good times with her mom is even cooler than she expected.
  • With the help of her good friend Bobby, Iris finds a special ice cream shop in Little Italy. It makes her wonder if this is the very same shop she saw in an old photo of her mom.
  • Iris meets a nice guy named Gio who works at the ice cream shop. Gio tells her that their family’s special ice cream recipe might be lost forever because his uncle, the only one who knows how to make it, is very sick and asleep for a long time.
  • Guess what? Iris found out that the special ice cream recipe her family has is the same as the one used in a little ice cream shop. But here’s the tricky part: She doesn’t know whether she should tell the shop owners she knows the secret recipe or figure out why her mom got it in the first place. It’s a big puzzle for her!
  • Iris, who is really good at cooking, decides to use her cooking skills to help the gelato shop. As she helps out, she starts to have special feelings for Gio and his family. But there’s a problem. When Gio’s uncle, who was in a coma, wakes up, Iris’s hidden secrets could make everything she’s built, including her new love, come apart.
About the Author:
  • Author: Josie Silver
  • Books by Josie Silver: 5 books
  • Followers: 6,744 followers
  • Author’s Background: Josie lives in a small English town with her husband, two sons, and a rotating cast of cats, dogs, and fish. She is a full-time writer, working in a studio at the bottom of her garden.

A Winter in New York Audiobook Free Download Review PDF


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