Windows 11 Home

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Windows 11 Home X64 Version 21H2 Build 22000.708_EN-US_EN-US.ISO
Downloaded from uupdump or make your own iso
Use Rufus 3.18 for installation and to bypass incompatible hardware.
Use KMS_VL_ALL 46. cmd for activation.

What is Microsoft System Builder Windows 11 Home?

Imagine you have a brand new computer, like the newest one you can think of. Well, this software, called Microsoft System Builder Windows 11 Home, is like the special stuff you put in it to make it work.

Windows 11 Home
What’s Cool About It?
  1. Easy to Use: It makes your computer look nice and easy to use. You know when you open your computer, and you see all those icons and buttons? This software makes them easy to understand and use.
  2. Safe and Secure: It’s like a superhero for your computer. It keeps the bad guys out and makes sure your computer is safe from any viruses or hackers.
  3. For New Computers: This superhero software is meant for brand-new computers. It’s like giving your new computer the best start in life. It won’t work on computers that already have older Windows on them.
  4. No Fancy Support: It doesn’t come with fancy help if something goes wrong. But that’s okay because it’s so good at protecting your computer that it doesn’t usually need help.
  5. Special Package: When you get it, it comes in a plain envelope, like a secret spy letter. You’ll find a secret code under a scratch-off area on a sticker.
  6. The Real Deal: Only Microsoft, the company that makes Windows, can put their special mark on this software. So, make sure you get the real one!
How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $128.99 for Windows 11 Home. If you want the super-duper version for businesses, it’s a bit more expensive at $159.98.

So, if you get a new computer and want it to be super safe and easy to use, you might want to get this special software from Microsoft. It’s like giving your computer a superhero suit to wear!



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