Negative Reviews Of Wildfire Hannah Grace

Negative Reviews Of Wildfire Hannah Grace

Title: Wildfire

Author: Hannah Grace

Genre: Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Negative Reviews Of Wildfire Hannah Grace

In the magical land of Maple Hills, where dreams come true and love sparks, “Wildfire” is a tale of surprising friendships and strong feelings.


In a lovely place called Maple Hills, there are two students named Russ Callaghan and Aurora Roberts. Their story starts at a fun party when school ends. They play a game and then something magical happens: they share a special night together that they’ll always remember.

Aurora is a carefree person who doesn’t like rules. She left the party before Russ could learn her whole name. But fate had something special in store for them. They meet again by surprise when they both become counselors at a summer camp. They’re looking for a break from their complicated lives back home.

Russ wants to get away from his dad’s gambling problem which causes trouble in their family. Aurora just wants to find a place where she feels like she really fits in, without needing people to pay lots of attention to her.

But, there’s a problem when they meet again: the camp has a rule that says staff can’t be too friendly with each other. Russ knows that if he breaks this rule, he might have to go back home early because of his dad’s problems. Aurora, on the other hand, doesn’t like following rules all that much.

As their lives come together once more, they face a big question: Can they get along and be friends? Or did that special night they had made their feelings too strong to control?

Why You Should Read It:

“Wildfire” is an exciting story about love, destiny, and getting another opportunity. It happens in a lovely town and a summer camp full of excitement and feelings. The book looks at how relationships can be complicated and how destiny can surprise us. Russ and Aurora show us that love can appear when we least think it will, just like a blazing fire in the night.

“Wildfire” is a book that mixes romance, sports, and today’s topics. It’s an exciting and heartwarming story that will make you want to keep reading late into the night.


“Wildfire” is a book in the Maple Hills series by Hannah Grace. It’s all about people living in a town and their stories of love. If you like romance or stories about young love and getting another chance, you should read this book. It’s exciting and full of passion!

Negative Reviews of Book Wildfire Hannah Grace:
Review 1:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️
User: arcs
Date: March 30, 2023

I thought this book might be good or bad, but ugh, it’s definitely bad.

The story in this book is even worse than the one in “Icebreaker.” If you’ve read “Icebreaker,” you know that’s not good. “Icebreaker” had some excitement, but “Wildfire” was just okay. I didn’t like Russ and Rory; they were both really unsure of themselves, and it got tiring to read. And in the end, they were still not confident, and that was kind of funny.

There were lots of new characters, and the first few chapters were tough to follow. I think having so many new characters in a romance story isn’t needed, but that’s just what I think.

I didn’t remember much, but it was a fast read, like a quick snack. I’d give it 1.5 stars ⭐️.

Review 2:

Rating: ⭐️
User: Molly Briers
Date: March 30, 2023

This book is really bad. Goodreads, please don’t let it be available anymore. 🙏🙏

Review 3:

User: nancy
Date: March 30, 2023

You won’t see me reading this unless pigs start flying.

Review 4:

User: Isabella O’Brian
Date: September 17, 2023

It said “sus.”

That’s it.



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