The Lost Manuscript Best Books 2023

The Lost Manuscript Best Books 2023

The Lost Manuscript

Author: Mollie Rushmeyer

Rating: 4.2

Ratings: 59

About the Book

A Tale of Discovery and Courage

Picture this: a story where a brave woman named Ellora Lockwood is on a journey to find her missing grandma and maybe even a new chance at happiness. Her heart feels as empty as her home. Her grandma, June, vanished mysteriously, and she’s no longer with her husband, Alex. But then, something unexpected happens that could change everything.

Suddenly, something surprising happens. Ellora gets a letter from Alex. He asks her to go to England and teach history at a special summer program at Alnwick Castle.

Ellora is a bit unsure, but she says yes to Alex’s idea. They go to a beautiful place in England, filled with history. Here, she begins to figure out where the special book might be. But this adventure brings up more mysteries. Could someone have tried to stop her grandma’s work?

Ellora faces scary threats, but with Alex by her side, she finds courage and a reason to keep going on this adventure, no matter what challenges come their way.

About the Author

Mollie Rushmeyer is a writer who loves to tell stories. She writes a special kind of fiction called “Contemporary Fiction with a Heart for History.” What’s interesting about her stories is that they mix things from the past with what’s happening today.

Mollie grew up in the Midwest, a part of the United States in the middle, and now she lives in central Minnesota with her husband and two lovely daughters. She’s not just a fan of books; she’s what you might call a “bibliophile,” someone who really, really loves books. She especially likes old books with a bit of dust on them. And guess what? She’s also a big fan of all things British, like tea and coffee. These drinks help fuel her imagination and the journeys she takes through her writing, even if those journeys are just on Google maps sometimes.

In her stories, you can expect to find a mix of today’s world and exciting bits from history. So, if you enjoy reading about adventures that blend the past with the present, Mollie Rushmeyer’s books might be just what you’re looking for!

The author of this book really loves books and anything to do with Britain. She’s like a detective with her tea and coffee, especially when she’s exploring places on Google maps. But what she loves most is reading and writing.


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