The Intern Audiobook Free Download PDF Review

The Intern PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

Book: “The Intern” by Michele Campbell – A Legal Mystery Unveiled

The Intern PDF Free Download Audiobook Review


  • Author: Michele Campbell
  • Rating: 3.93 (Based on 3,085 ratings)
  • Reviews: 719 reviews
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Adult, Legal Thriller, Contemporary, Audiobook, Adult Fiction
  • Pages: 384 pages (Hardcover)
  • Expected Publication Date: October 3, 2023

Plot Summary:

  • “The Intern” is a thrilling story about Madison Rivera, a smart Harvard law student. She gets a special opportunity to work as an intern for Judge Kathryn Conroy, a powerful judge. However, Madison has a big secret. Her younger brother, Danny, is facing some problems, and Judge Conroy is the one making important decisions about his situation. This secret could turn Madison’s world upside down.
  • When Danny, Madison’s little brother, disappears because he told everyone that the judge did something wrong, Madison decides she must find out what really happened. She goes on an adventure and looks closely at Judge Conroy’s life to get answers. Madison wants to know if the judge is a good mentor, someone in trouble, or maybe even a bad person. She wonders if the judge is trying to help her or if she has other plans. And there’s a mystery because someone seems to want to hurt the judge. Madison is like a detective trying to figure out the whole story!
  • Madison and Judge Conroy play a really exciting game of hide-and-seek, just like a cat chasing a mouse. It’s full of surprises and can be a bit scary sometimes. They have to be super careful because they don’t trust each other much, and they know there could be danger waiting for them at any turn. The big question is, can they keep each other safe, or will someone trick the other and make things even scarier?

About the Author:

  • Author: Michele Campbell
  • Books by Michele Campbell: 16 books
  • Followers: 2,138 followers
  • Author’s Background: Michele Campbell used to work as a federal prosecutor in New York City, handling cases involving international narcotics and gangs. She graduated from Harvard College and Stanford Law School. Later, she left her high-stress legal job and moved to a charming New England college town, similar to the setting of her book “IT’S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND.” Now, Michele teaches law and writes thrilling novels.

In Simple Terms:

  • In “The Intern,” there’s a fascinating story about Madison, who is a law student. She gets an exciting opportunity to intern with Judge Kathryn Conroy. But here’s the catch: Madison has a huge secret that involves her brother and the judge. Things take a twist when her brother suddenly goes missing. Madison decides to be a brave detective and find out what’s really going on with Judge Conroy. Is she a helpful guide, a person in trouble, or maybe even a bit of a villain? Well, that’s the mystery. And as they play a thrilling game of hide and seek, you won’t be able to stop reading this super exciting story!
  • Michele Campbell, who wrote the book, uses her legal smarts to create a thrilling story that will have you hooked from start to finish. If you like mysteries and stories about lawyers and court cases, you’re going to love this book!

The Intern PDF Free Download Audiobook Review


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