The Battle of Light and Shadow PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

The Battle of Light and Shadow PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

The Battle of Light and Shadow PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

Book: “The Hurricane Wars #1: The Battle of Light and Shadow” by Thea Guanzon


  • Author: Thea Guanzon
  • Rating: 4.04 (Based on 765 ratings)
  • Reviews: 526 reviews
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Fantasy Romance, Adult, Fiction, Magic, New Adult, Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
  • Pages: 480 pages (Hardcover)
  • Expected Publication Date: October 3, 2023

Plot Summary:

  • “The Hurricane Wars” is a big adventure story that takes place in a special world. In this world, people’s feelings and what’s inside their hearts are like a battlefield, where good things and not-so-good things fight against each other. It’s like a big fight between day and night, where day is all bright and sunny, and night is dark and mysterious. So, it’s a story where the heart is like a warrior’s battleground.
  • Talasyn is a kid who doesn’t have parents, and she lives in a place where a mean leader named the Night Emperor is causing lots of trouble. But even though she doesn’t have a real family, she’s like a part of another family with some brave soldiers who are trying to make things better and free their land.
  • Prince Alaric is the son of the emperor, and he’s supposed to become the next ruler. His dad, the emperor, has trained him to be really strong and powerful, especially in using something called Shadow magic. It’s like a kind of magical power.
  • Talasyn and Alaric have to face not just each other, but also a really big danger. When they use their magic together, it could either save the world or make everything go wrong. Even though they don’t trust each other completely, they work together to find hidden secrets about the war and discover a strong connection. This connection could either save their world or break it apart.

About the Author:

  • Author: Thea Guanzon
  • Books by Thea Guanzon: 4 books
  • Followers: 491 followers
  • Author’s Background:
  • They grew up in a beautiful place called the Philippines. It’s a country with lots of colorful little towns and fields full of sugarcane, which is a sweet plant they use to make sugar.
  • Besides being a writer, Thea loves to travel and explore new places. She’s also a big fan of certain stories and games, and she’s really good at being the person who makes up the rules in a game called “Dungeon Master.” It’s like being the boss of a make-believe adventure!
  • Thea has a special fondness for bad guys in stories, and she enjoys reading about messy love stories that end happily. She has a unique pet family, including two pet turtles named Dumpling and Potato Chip, a cat named Darth Pancakes (that’s a fun name, isn’t it?), and a whole bunch of cool succulent plants.
  • Right now, she lives in a big city called Metro Manila. It sounds like Thea has a fun and exciting life, surrounded by interesting things and amazing pets!
  • Debut Novel: “The Hurricane Wars” is her debut novel, set to be published on October 3, 2023, by Harper Voyager.

In Simple Terms:

  • “The Hurricane Wars” is an exciting fantasy story about a girl named Talasyn with hidden light magic powers and Prince Alaric, who wields dark magic. They’re enemies at first, but they must work together to face a bigger threat. The book is full of adventure, magic, and a bit of romance.
  • The author, Thea Guanzon, loves to travel and has a soft spot for villains and love stories with happy endings. This is her first book, and it’s coming out in October 2023.

The Battle of Light and Shadow PDF Free Download Audiobook Review


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