Schoenberg Why He Matters Best Books To Read

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Schoenberg: Why He Matters
Schoenberg Why He Matters Best Books To Read

Author: Harvey Sachs

Rating: 4.33 (15 ratings, 4 reviews)


Arnold Schoenberg, an Austrian-American composer, lived from 1874 to 1951. He was a famous and important composer of the 20th century. This book, “Schoenberg: Why He Matters,” is like a musical biography that helps us understand why Schoenberg is so important.

Why He Matters:

Arnold Schoenberg was like a superstar in the world of music during his time. He had this special way of making music that was different from what everyone else was doing. He used something called the “twelve-tone system,” which was like a new way of creating music. People thought it was the future of music!

But here’s the thing: Today, not many orchestras play his music anymore. Some people even don’t like his music. They feel sort of “blah” about it. This book wants to change that!

A Musical Rebel:

Schoenberg was a bit of a rebel. He didn’t like to follow the same old rules in music. He wanted to make music that was wild and different. Some people, like the Nazis, didn’t like his music and called it “degenerate.” That’s a pretty strong word! But Schoenberg didn’t let this stop him. He even had to leave Europe and move to Los Angeles because of all this trouble.

A Shocking Wave:

Schoenberg’s music was like a huge wave in the world of music. It was so different that people couldn’t ignore it. He mixed ideas from a famous composer named Wagner and another one named Brahms. He created something totally new. This book says that if you care about music, whether it’s from the past, present, or future, you should know about Schoenberg.

Pictures Included:

This book has pictures too! It’s not just words. You’ll see some illustrations that help you understand Schoenberg’s life and music even better.

So, if you’re curious about music and want to know more about an important composer who was a bit of a musical rebel, this book is for you! It makes the music world of Schoenberg easy to understand, even for an 11-year-old like you!


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