Savage Don A Dark Mafia Romance

Savage Don A Dark Mafia Romance Links Not Available from Any Valid Source

Title: Savage Don A Dark Mafia Romance

Don: A Dark Mafia Romance

Author: Sasha Leone

Genre: Dark Romance, Mafia Romance

Length: 394 pages

Publication Date: December 21, 2021

Savage Don A Dark Mafia Romance

This book is the sixth installment in the “Brutal Reign” series, and it’s a gripping tale of love, power, and the dark underworld.

In this story, the protagonist has a sinister plan to conquer the mafia world from the inside out. Step one? Father is a child with his enemy’s daughter. Step two? Use this connection to infiltrate and control the mafia empire. It’s a devious and cunning plan that sets the stage for an electrifying narrative.

Francesca Galli, the innocent and delicate daughter of the mafia don, becomes a central figure in this dark drama. She’s too pure for the shadows of this world and much too young for the protagonist. But her father, desperate to escape the clutches of the antagonist, sees this plan as a way out.

The story delves into the complexities of power, control, and desire. The protagonist, who has been secretly watching Francesca, is now ready to make his move. He plans to mold her into the woman he desires, piece by piece, kiss by kiss, and spank by spank. He will strip away her innocence and rebuild her into his queen.

It’s a story for mature audiences and promises a satisfying happily ever after.

If you’re a fan of dark romance and mafia intrigue, this book is a must-read. Join the characters on a journey filled with passion, danger, and the intoxicating allure of the mafia world.

Please note that the prices may vary, and the book is available for Kindle Unlimited or purchase.

Savage Don A Dark Mafia Romance Links Not Available from Any Valid Source



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