Rose Gold (2024) Torrent Magnet Best Torrent Sites

Rose Gold (2024) Torrent Magnet Best Torrent Sites

Rose Gold (2024)

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes


“Rose Gold” is a movie that comes out in 2024. It’s about two sisters and their lives. One of them, Lena, is a writer who loves music. She gets an assignment to write about a talented indie artist, Mia Hawthorne.

The other sister, Nadine, is dealing with being a mom and facing a serious illness. Both sisters have their own challenges to overcome.

Director: Ryan Balas

Writer: Ryan Balas


  • Josephine Chiang as Maeve
  • Julia D’Angelo as Mia Hawthorne
  • Marlowe Holden as Nadine Andrews
  • Chadwick Sutton as Jack
  • Sarah Charlie Traisman as Lena Andrews

Genres: Romance

Release Date: It comes out on September 9, 2024, in the United States.

Production Details:

  • Country of Origin: It’s made in the United States.
  • Language: They speak English.
  • Filming Locations: They filmed it in the Hudson Valley, USA.
  • Production Company: The Balas Brothers made the movie.


“Rose Gold” is a movie about family and love. Nadine is not feeling well, and her son Goldie keeps her very busy. Her husband Jack works in advertising and is having some relationship issues. Lena, Nadine’s sister, is a music writer.

She writes about Mia Hawthorne, a cool indie artist. Mia is looking for inspiration in the Berkshires and has to work with a co-writer. The movie tells us about their lives and how they deal with different challenges.

Note: This movie is for people who like love stories. It shows us that life can be tricky, but love and family help us through it all.

Rose Gold (2024) Torrent Magnet Best Torrent Sites








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