Only Up 2023

Only Up 2023

Title: Only Up! – The Ultimate Parkour Adventure

Only Up 2023

Hey, awesome adventurers! Prepare yourselves for an epic parkour journey in “Only Up!” This super cool online multiplayer game will have you defying gravity and doing incredible jumps in city landscapes.

But hold on, what’s parkour, and why is this game so exciting? Let’s find out!

What’s “Only Up!” All About?

“Only Up!” isn’t your typical video game. It’s like an online game where you can play with others, and it’s all about doing cool parkour moves. The game was made by MoreMoto Games.

When you play, you get to run, jump and do flips in different city settings. Each place has its own tricky things to overcome. Your mission? Become the best urban ninja and rule the city skyline!

Main Features that Make “Only Up!” Awesome:

  1. Diverse Urban Landscapes: Picture this: You’re running through different parts of a city, and each one is full of things to jump over, slide under, and conquer. It’s like you’re the star of your very own action movie!
  2. Online Multiplayer: Gather your buddies or take on parkour experts from all over the world in a live multiplayer mode. Show off your skills and find out who’s the ultimate gravity-defying champion!
  3. Intuitive Controls: No need to stress about pressing lots of buttons! In “Only Up!” the game, you’ll use simple swipe controls. It’s like a walk in the park (or a run on the rooftops) to become an urban ninja!
  4. Customizable Items: Boost your parkour skills with cool gear like Jetpacks, Wings, and Double Jump boots. Plus, make your character look totally unique by giving them a style all their own.
  5. Thrilling Challenges: In “Only Up!” game, as you progress through each level, you’ll encounter exciting new challenges. You’ll have to jump over gaps, overcome obstacles, and climb walls. But remember, it’s not just about being fast; it’s about using your clever thinking to outsmart the city’s tricky puzzles and traps.
  6. Social Competition: Show off your top scores, invite your pals to compete, and demonstrate that you’re the supreme city sprinter. It’s all about earning the bragging rights!

“In ‘Only Up!’, the real excitement isn’t only reaching your final goal; it’s the amazing adventure you have along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a parkour expert or just starting to explore the world of free-running – this game is easy to get into and keeps you hooked.

So, put on your sneakers, jump into the action-packed world of multiplayer parkour, and always keep in mind: in this game, the sky’s the limit!”

System Requirements:


  • A special 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Windows 10, which is the version of Windows that works best
  • An i3 processor, which is like the brain of your computer
  • 4 GB of RAM, which helps your computer think faster
  • Intel HD Graphics, so the game looks super cool
  • And you’ll need 10 GB of space on your computer, like having enough room in your backpack for all your parkour moves!
  • Now you’re all set to start your parkour adventure!

  • A fancy 64-bit processor and something called an operating system.
  • Windows 10, which is like the boss of your computer.
  • An i5 processor, which is like the game’s brain.
  • 8 GB of RAM, which is like the game’s memory.
  • GTX 1060 graphics, which makes everything look awesome.
  • And make sure you have 10 GB of free space on your computer so the game has enough room to do its thing!

So, gear up for the ultimate parkour challenge and get ready to defy gravity in “Only Up!” It’s time to take your urban running skills to new heights.

Are you up for the challenge?

Only Up 2023


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