My Darling Girl Audiobook Free Download PDF Review

My Darling Girl PDF Free Download Audiobook Review

Book: “My Darling Girl” by Jennifer McMahon – A Spooky Thriller for the Brave

My Darling Girl PDF Free Download Audiobook Review


  • Author: Jennifer McMahon
  • Rating: 4.14 (Based on 298 ratings)
  • Reviews: 180 reviews
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Fiction, Contemporary, Adult, Supernatural, Christmas, Family
  • Pages: 320 pages (Hardcover)
  • Expected Publication Date: October 3, 2023

Plot Summary:

  • “My Darling Girl” is a super spooky thriller about a lady named Alison. She’s not really into Christmas, but she’s getting ready for it with her husband in their comfy Vermont home. But guess what? Her holiday plans get seriously spooky when her mom, Mavis, who she hasn’t seen much and is very sick, gives her a call.
  • Even though Alison has some really bad memories of her mom being addicted to alcohol and treating her badly, she decides to let her mom, Mavis, come live with her for a while because she’s very sick and doesn’t have much time left. Alison hopes they can make things better between them before it’s too late. But once Mavis moves in, some really weird and spooky things start happening, and it makes Alison wonder if her mom might be different than she thought.
  • As Christmas gets closer, instead of happiness, something very scary starts happening. Alison has to face her biggest fears and make really tough decisions to keep her family safe from some very mysterious and spooky things going on.

About the Author:

  • Author: Jennifer McMahon
  • Books by Jennifer McMahon: 19 books
  • Followers: 8,930 followers
  • Author’s Background: Jennifer McMahon is a writer who has penned many thrilling books like “Promise Not to Tell,” “The Winter People,” and “The Drowning Kind.” She lives in a cool old house in Vermont that some of her neighbors jokingly call “The Addams Family house.”

In Simple Terms:

  • “My Darling Girl” is a spooky thriller written by Jennifer McMahon. The story is about a woman named Alison who has to bring her very sick mother, Mavis, to her home for Christmas. Even though Alison doesn’t want to, she does it because it’s the right thing to do. But when her mother arrives, some really strange and creepy things begin to occur, and Alison starts wondering if her mother is actually who she says she is. It’s a mysterious and eerie tale that keeps you guessing.
  • This exciting story explores how families work, past troubles, and mysterious happenings, making it a fascinating read for those who love thrilling tales.

My Darling Girl PDF Free Download Audiobook Review


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