Me llamo Goa 2 Torrent Audiobook PDF And More

Me llamo Goa 2 Audiobook PDF Torrent And More

Title: Me llamo Goa 2 – ¡Qué fuerte, Goa! [My Name Is Goa: How Strong, Goa!]

Author: Míriam Tirado (Author), Ricky Gil (Translator)

Audiobook Narrated by: Carla López, Raúl Rodríguez, Eric Rodríguez Moya

Book Series: My Name Is Goa [Spanish Edition], Book 2

Audiobook Length: 2 hrs and 43 mins

Book Release Date: Hardcover – September 14, 2023

Categories: Children’s Audiobooks

Language: Spanish

Me llamo Goa 2 Audiobook PDF Torrent And More

In the second installment of the “Me llamo Goa” series, which has captured the imaginations of thousands of young readers, Goa faces the challenges of her first day of middle school. But she’s not nervous; she’s just dealing with a lot of changes in her life.

She has new classmates, her friend Nadia is attending a different school, her baby brother is on the way, and there’s Klaus, whose intentions she’s uncertain about. On top of that, it seems like her mom might have a boyfriend! Everything is changing so fast, and Goa is determined to navigate it all.

This audiobook is a continuation of the first youth series by acclaimed author Míriam Tirado, known for her works like “El hilo invisible,” “Sensibles,” and “La fuente escondida.”

Book Price: Kindle – $6.99, Hardcover – from $18.97

Audiobook Price: Free with your Audible trial


In “Me llamo Goa 2 – ¡Qué fuerte, Goa!,” young readers will follow Goa as she embarks on a new school year filled with emotions and changes. Goa’s experiences and thoughts are shared through her video diary, offering a glimpse into the life of a 12-year-old dealing with school, friendships, and family.

This audiobook, narrated in Spanish, is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in Goa’s world and practice their Spanish language skills.

For readers who enjoy relatable coming-of-age stories, “Me llamo Goa 2 – ¡Qué fuerte, Goa!” is a fantastic choice. It’s a continuation of Goa’s journey, and listeners can look forward to more adventures and life lessons in this captivating series. Plus, with an Audible trial, you can enjoy this audiobook for free.

Note: This book is part of a series, and the audiobook is in Spanish.

Me llamo Goa 2 Audiobook PDF Torrent And More



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