Makbet: Russian Language (Russian Edition)

Makbet: Russian Language (Russian Edition)

Makbet: Russian Language (Russian Edition)

Title: Makbet: Russian Language (Russian Edition)

Author: Uiljam Shekspir

Language: Russian

Price: ₹309.54 (Kindle Edition)

Average Rating: 5.0 (1 rating)

Published by: Glagoslav Epublications

Publication Date: May 13, 2014

Print Length: 146 pages

File Size: 1778 KB


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Get ready to dive into a story of ambition, power, and tough choices! “Makbet” by Uiljam Shekspir is a Russian version of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, “Macbeth.” This timeless classic has been loved by readers and audiences for ages because of its thrilling plot and its exploration of what happens when you let your ambitions run wild.


“Makbet” is a tragedy that tells the story of a Scottish general named Macbeth. He gets a prophecy from three witches that he will be the king of Scotland. But he becomes obsessed with this idea and, with the encouragement of his wife, Lady Macbeth, he starts doing terrible things to make it happen. As Macbeth gains more power, he starts losing his mind and becomes haunted by guilt and the ghosts of his victims. The play looks at big ideas like ambition, destiny, guilt, and how power can corrupt someone.

Why Read “Makbet”?
  • Classic Tale: “Makbet” is a classic story that’s been loved for a long time. It’s exciting and intense and is great for readers of all ages.
  • Exploration of Ambition: The play talks about how wanting too much power can be a bad thing and shows how far someone might go to get what they want.
  • Complex Characters: The characters in “Makbet” are interesting because they change a lot during the story, which makes it fun to read.
  • Themes to Think About: “Makbet” asks big questions about what’s right and wrong, destiny, and what happens when you do things you shouldn’t, which can make you think a lot.
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“Makbet” by Uiljam Shekspir is an exciting version of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” and it lets you explore ambition, power, and making choices. If you like stories that have been loved for a long time and make you think, this Russian version is a must-read.

So, get a copy, step into the world of Macbeth, and see what happens when you let ambition take over.



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