Love & Other Recipes The Wedding Menu

Title: Love & Other Recipes: The Wedding Menu

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Author: Letizia Lorini

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Length: 484 pages

Publication Date: September 15, 2023

Love & Other Recipes The Wedding Menu

Are you ready for a heartwarming and hilarious romantic comedy filled with weddings, secrets, and French delicacies? If so, “Love & Other Recipes: The Wedding Menu” is the book for you!


Meet Amelie, whose life was once picture-perfect. She was nearly engaged to her high school sweetheart, close to her childhood best friend, and working in her dad’s restaurant. But everything changes when Ian, a wedding hater with strong opinions, enters her life unexpectedly. He stirs up feelings in Amelie that were definitely not on her menu.

Fast forward one year and Amelie has lost it all. She’s unemployed, single, and taking a break from her friendship. Ian is nowhere to be found. However, fate has a funny way of bringing people back together. When Amelie heads to Ian’s hometown to teach at a cooking conference, she hopes for a serendipitous reunion. But things take an unexpected turn when she discovers that Ian is the son of her father’s business rival. Even worse, he insists on being just friends.

Amelie now has one week to change Ian’s mind. If she can’t, and if the truth behind her life’s unraveling remains hidden, their love story might end with a wedding, but not the one she’s dreaming of.

“The Wedding Menu” is a steamy romantic comedy with a dual timeline. It will make you laugh out loud, swoon with delight, and crave French delicacies. Follow the delightful journey of two friends who should be rivals but keep choosing each other against all odds.

If you’re a fan of romance and contemporary fiction, don’t miss this delectable tale of love, secrets, and culinary delights. “Love & Other Recipes: The Wedding Menu” is a recipe for a heartwarming read.

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