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Lesión (2024)


Lesión is a movie coming out in 2024. It’s about a family living in Baja California, Mexico. Blue, Lass, and their daughter Chuy are starting a new life. But things get difficult when Chuy starts having strange visions, and Blue becomes abusive.


  • Blue, Lass, and Chuy move to Blue’s hometown in Baja California.
  • Chuy, their daughter, has visions of something scary.
  • Chuy makes friends with a mute boy named Gordo.
  • Blue starts being mean to Lass and Chuy.
  • Lass has to protect her daughter from Blue’s anger.
  • Will Chuy be safe from her own mother’s anger?

Director: Dylan Verrechia

Writer: Dylan Verrechia


  • Drama
  • Horror

Release Date: It comes out on September 9, 2024, in the United States.

Production Details:

  • Country of Origin: It’s made in Mexico.
  • Language: They speak Spanish.
  • Production Company: Verrechia Films made the movie.

Note: This movie might be scary, so it’s good for people who like horror and drama stories.

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