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Own the Movies/TV Shows You Love Forever

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Jumpstart your Membership

Create memories that last a lifetime. We’ll help you get started with 4 Disney movies as well as tv shows for just $1.As well as you agree to purchase 5 titles starting at $19.95 with Membership. (See Details).

Collect all your Favorites

Every 4 weeks as well as 2 additional times per year, we’ll announce a Featured Title starting at $19.95. If you don’t want it, you may decline it or choose a different movie. Otherwise, we’ll ship it to you automatically. (See Details).

Save on every Movie

We’ll make sure you get the best deals on your favorite Disney movies as well as tv shows. You’ll get big discounts, as much as 50% off, plus gifts all along the way.

The Club That Piles On The Perks

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Members get exclusive deals, including 50% off with special promotions. Plus, you’ll get perks like exclusive gifts and members-only collectibles for free.

We’re here to make your movie experience exactly right for you.

Total Happiness

Choose your format

The Disney movie club makes it easy to build your library whether you prefer DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD. By choosing a selection in 4K Ultra HD you can enjoy the ultimate movie-watching experience:

  • Ultra, high-quality picture with 4x the resolution of HD for sharper, clearer images
  • High dynamic range for striking contrast as well as intense color
  • Immersive surround sound

Join the Disney movie club and own
the movies and tv shows you love forever.

Get Started With a Disney movie club subscription

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Now it’s time to answer the most important question of all, is the Disney Movie Club worth it?

As explained above, it’s going to depend on how big of a Disney fan you are.

Do the math, four free DVDs for $1, plus five DVDs at $19.95 a piece plus shipping and handling is going to total more than $100. Depending on the titles you purchase, that you can get the same deal or better on a site like Amazon or eBay.

For example, a Disney classic like Cinderella, is going to cost you $19.95 whether you buy it through the Disney Club or on Amazon. What’s more, it’s currently available in the Disney Club, but not available on Amazon. However, if I want to buy a less popular movie like A Goofy Movie, I can choose to pay $19.95 through the Disney Movie Club, or $4.99 through Amazon and get free shipping to boot.

That’s not even taking into account whether you’d be just as satisfied with a used or previously watched DVD.

Disney Movie Club is worth it is all going to depend on what kind of movie viewer/owner you are and how you plan to use the club to your advantage.

(CBS) KHALLI BALLI BLU RAY Torrent Magnet (By Thepiratebay vpn/ yify)

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