Fortune A Novel Audiobook Free Download PDF

Fortune A Novel audiobook free download pdf

Fortune A Novel Audiobook Free Download PDF

“Fortune: A Novel” by Ellen Won Steil is an exciting book that’s coming out on October 1, 2023. It’s a mystery novel that’s got everyone talking.

Imagine a small town in the Midwest where something unusual is happening. The town announces a DNA lottery. All you need to do is give a tiny drop of your blood, and you might win millions of dollars. Sounds like a generous offer from a billionaire widow, right? But some people think there’s something more to it, something connected to a mystery that’s been unsolved for eighteen years.

This mystery goes back to when an infant’s remains were found, but no one knew who the baby was. Now, with the DNA lottery, it’s brought up old suspicions. Three local women are suddenly under the spotlight, and it seems like they might know something about that fateful night.

Let’s meet these women:
  • Cleo is a single mom who had to move back to her hometown. She takes on a strange job reading to an invalid recluse.
  • Jemma is a state senator with a controversial reputation. She’s also dealing with her teenage daughter and a tough reelection campaign.
  • Alex is a divorce attorney. She’s struggling with her own marriage problems and the overbearing presence of her cold mother.

As the story unfolds, secrets from the past start to unravel, not only for Cleo, Jemma, and Alex but for others in the town too. It turns out this seemingly ordinary community has more buried secrets than anyone could have imagined.

If you love mysteries with a touch of drama and secrets waiting to be discovered, this book is perfect for you. With 347 pages of suspenseful storytelling, “Fortune: A Novel” promises an intriguing and thrilling read. So, get ready to dive into this exciting book when it hits the shelves in October 2023!

Fortune A Novel audiobook free download pdf


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