Disobedient – A Story of Art and Courage

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Disobedient – A Story of Art and Courage
Disobedient - A Story of Art and Courage

Author: Elizabeth Fremantle

Rating: 4.31

Imagine a time long ago, in Rome, Italy, in the year 1611. It was a city full of grand palaces, riches beyond belief, and a place where big changes were happening. But there was something different about this city – a place where women were seen but not heard.

In the midst of all this change, there lived a young girl named Artemisia Gentileschi. She had a dream, a dream to become a great artist. But life was not easy for her. She was motherless and grew up in a family of painters, mostly men and boys.

Artemisia knew deep down that she was more talented than her brothers. She could paint like no other, but there was a problem. In those days, girls like her couldn’t choose their own future. They were expected to grow up, get married, and belong to their husbands.

Artemisia wanted something more. She wanted to experience the world, to create art that would amaze everyone. So, she practiced tirelessly, going from one art lesson to another, perfecting her craft. But she had a secret. When no one was watching, she painted powerful women who inspired her, hidden from her father’s watchful eyes.

Then, one day, someone unexpected entered her life – a mysterious tutor named Tassi. He was charming, worldly, and handsome. For a moment, he seemed to represent everything Artemisia had ever dreamed of – a life of freedom and art.

But life took an unexpected turn. Something unthinkable happened, changing everything for Artemisia. In the eyes of her family, she was expected to accept her fate. In the eyes of the law, she became the villain.

But Artemisia was no ordinary girl. She was a survivor, and she had a story to tell. A story of courage, determination, and a burning passion for art that could not be extinguished.


is a tale of a young girl’s fight to follow her dreams in a world that tried to silence her. It’s a story of art, feminism, and the strength of the human spirit. Join Artemisia on her journey through 17th-century Italy as she defies expectations and proves that sometimes, being disobedient is the only way to truly be yourself.

If you love stories of brave girls and the power of art, this book is for you. It’s a historical adventure that will inspire you to follow your dreams, no matter what stands in your way. Elizabeth Fremantle’s captivating storytelling will transport you to a time long ago, when a young girl dared to be different.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of Artemisia Gentileschi and discover her incredible journey of disobedience and artistry?





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