Compañeros de piso The Roommate (Spanish Edition)

Compañeros de piso / The Roommate (Spanish Edition)

Compañeros de piso / The Roommate (Spanish Edition)

Author: Rosie Danan

Language: Spanish

Publication Date: November 21, 2023

Did you ever think about living with someone you don’t know at all? Well, Clara Wheaton, who’s like the perfect kid, is going to discover just how exciting and surprising life can be in “Compañeros de piso / The Roommate.”


Clara was always seen as the perfect student: getting the best grades, being super polite, and never doing anything surprising.

But things took a big turn when she got a chance to move to the other side of the country with her first-ever crush.

She couldn’t say no to this amazing offer. However, she was in for a surprise because it seemed almost too perfect to be real.

All of a sudden, Clara ended up living in the same house as a really interesting person named Josh. He’s very good at understanding things, and a lot of people think he’s really good-looking, which made Clara feel a little bit nervous.

But maybe, just maybe, they could have managed to live together for the summer if Clara hadn’t gone and searched for information about him on the internet.

When Clara starts looking at Josh’s stuff on the internet, she finds out something surprising about him. If she continues living with him, it might harm her good reputation that she spent a long time making.

But even though Clara and Josh are different in many ways, they both think that women should have happier and better experiences when it comes to love and relationships.

When Clara and Josh decide to tackle this problem together, it’s not just going to make their own lives better. It might also make lots of other people’s lives better.

“Compañeros de piso / The Roommate” is a story about friendships, what people want, and how they try to make things better when it comes to getting closer to someone special.

You can buy this book before it comes out, but the prices might change. If you like stories about love, funny stuff, or learning new things about yourself, this book has a bit of everything. It’s like diving into an exciting adventure that makes you want to read more and more!



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