Best AI Tools And Books For Business in October 2023

Best AI Tools For Business in October 2023

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AI Tools for Business: What Are They?
Best AI Tools For Business in October 2023

AI tools are like super-smart helpers for businesses. They can do lots of cool things to make work easier and better. Here are some AI tools that businesses use:

  1. Grammarly: It’s like a writing wizard. It helps you write better and fix mistakes in your writing.
  2. Salesforce Inc: This one’s like a super organizer. It helps businesses keep track of their customers and all the important stuff.
  3. Google: You probably know Google! It uses AI to help you search for things, but businesses also use it to understand what people like and want.
  4. Zendesk: Think of this as a customer service expert. It helps businesses talk to their customers and solve problems.
  5. DataRobot, Inc: This is like a data detective. It helps businesses look at big piles of information and find the important stuff.

So, AI tools are like special helpers that make businesses run smoother and smarter. They’re pretty amazing!

Do you enjoy reading books that teach you about business and success? Well, you’re in luck! In October 2023, some fantastic business books are hitting the shelves, and they’re packed with valuable insights.

Let’s take a sneak peek at a few of them
1. “Dream Big and Win: Translating Passion into Purpose and Creating a Billion-Dollar Business” by Liz Elting

Have you ever thought about turning something you really love into a super successful business worth a billion dollars?

Well, Liz Elting did just that! She’s a super awesome entrepreneur and a really kind person who loves to help others. She co-started a company called TransPerfect, and it’s now worth a billion dollars.

In her book, Liz doesn’t just talk about business stuff. She shares her story and gives you some really cool advice that can help you do well in business, but also in life. It’s all about dreaming big and reaching your highest potential.

So, if you’ve got some big dreams, Liz’s book might just be the thing to help you get there!

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2. “Holy Shift!: Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work” by Dan Michelson

Do you ever wonder what the future of work will be like? Well, Dan Michelson, a CEO who can see the future, is here to take you on an exciting journey.

He’ll help you understand how we got to where we are now and where we’re going. In this book, you’ll find lots of practical ideas and things you can do, no matter if you’re a big boss or just starting out.

It’s time to change the way you think and start making things happen. Let’s get some momentum and move our companies into the future of work!

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3. “The Mother of All Success Manuals: How to Control Your Days, Lose the Guilt, and Find Harmony Between Work and Life” by Clara Capano

Are you a mompreneur juggling work and family? Clara Capano, a speaker, coach, and blogger, has helpful tools to make life easier.

Learn about setting boundaries, self-care, and good communication. This book helps working moms like you thrive!

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4. “In Their Shoes: Lessons on Corporate Leadership from a Former Uninspired Employee” by George Parente

Have you ever felt like a regular, uninspired worker? George Parente’s story from being a regular employee to becoming the owner and CEO of DTG Consulting Solutions is really motivating.

In this book, he talks about his ideas on servant and transformational leadership, highlighting how important it is to care about your team.

Come along with George as he works to change the way leaders run companies and inspire a new group of leaders.

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These books are not only informative but also engaging and relatable. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or just curious about the world of business, these reads are perfect for you. So, get ready to expand your knowledge and be inspired by these fantastic business books hitting the shelves this October! Happy reading!

Best AI Tools For Business in October 2023


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