Beautiful Disguise (The Imposters) by Roseanna M. White

Beautiful Disguise (The Imposters) by Roseanna M. White

Intriguing Secrets of Edwardian London
Beautiful Disguise (The Imposters) by Roseanna M. White

Join Lady Marigold and Sir Merritt Livingstone on an exciting journey through Edwardian London. In this city of glitz and glamour, they’ll uncover hidden secrets and embark on thrilling adventures that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

A Spy on a Mission

Sir Merritt Livingstone is no ordinary gentleman. He’s a clever intelligence officer with a mission to protect his country. But something’s amiss. He thinks that someone from the upper crust of society might be sharing secrets with the enemy. In a time when countries are on edge, this is a grave concern.

To solve this mystery, Sir Merritt needs the best. That’s where The Imposters, Ltd. comes in. They’re a shadowy group known for their incredible skills. They’re the go-to people when you need answers discreetly.

But there’s more to this story. Lady Marigold Fairfax, who runs The Imposters, Ltd. with her brother, has secrets of her own. She’s been asked to investigate her best friend’s father. Is he really a traitor?

As these two remarkable characters come together, secrets, mysteries, and maybe even a bit of romance will fill the pages of “Beautiful Disguise.” It’s a story of intrigue, courage, and the unexpected in Edwardian London.

The Mysterious Imposters

Lady Marigold Fairfax and her brother are in a tough spot because they’re almost out of money after their dad passed away. So, they started The Imposters, Ltd. It’s like a secret detective club, and their job is to find out the hidden stuff about fancy people in London.

But things get super interesting when they have to check if one guy is a secret bad guy. Lady Marigold has to be like a detective and figure it all out. But there’s a twist! She can’t let her heart get all mixed up with a mysterious new customer. It’s a story full of secrets and mysteries!

A Tale of Mystery and Romance

“In the book ‘Beautiful Disguise,’ secrets are like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together, and it’s hard to tell who can be trusted. Lady Marigold and Sir Merritt find themselves in a world of fancy ballrooms and hidden spy offices in Edwardian London. As they try to uncover the truth, they learn that trust can be as tricky as solving a mystery.”

Praise for “Beautiful Disguise”

“Carrie Turansky, an author who wins awards, says that White’s story is like a beautifully made quilt. It’s exciting all the way through, with bits of mystery, romance, and inspiration that make it even more enjoyable.”



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