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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is causing trouble for Facebook advertisers

Apple’s so-called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is causing trouble for Facebook and its advertisers. A report from the financial news agency Bloomberg According to a majority of the users of the iOS app of the social network prohibit access to data beyond the application. Apple had made ATT mandatory for developers for a few months – there is a system dialog for inquiries.

The mobile analytics company Branch assumes that only 25 percent of users are willing to consent to Facebook tracking. Facebook itself does not publish any figures here. The rejection, in turn, makes advertising on the social network much less efficient when it comes to reaching iPhone users who are traditionally well-funded. Dave Herrmann, the operator of a media agency that specializes in Facebook, says regular advertisements on the service are “40 percent less efficient”.

His customers, who mainly rely on targeted Facebook advertising, “panicked”. He thinks many do not know that “many businesses around the world depend 100 percent on Facebook” and the advertising on the platform. He believes that “smaller companies” in particular suffered. “I’m not sure Apple really thought this through.” Facebook argues in a very similar way and is also trying to put pressure on politicians. The problem is that the tracking data can now be trusted less.

Similar criticism comes from other app developers too. Game developers and other programmers would have Declines in sales of up to 20 percent experienced, said Brian Bowman from advertising specialist Consumer Acquisition in an interview. Some customers even lost 40 percent of their sales.

Apple only allows users to track them across apps if they have given their consent. Previously, you had to activate the anti-tracking function manually in the system settings, now there is an opt-in with its own window.

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