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Air Canada Launches A Digital Health Passport Solution

Air Canada Launches A Digital Health Passport Solution

Air Canada Launches A Digital Health Passport Solution

Air Canada is launching a new digital health passport solution to simplify the passenger experience when traveling in these corona times. Through the Air Canada app, passengers will be able to upload their COVID-19 test results on select routes from Tuesday. The feature is being launched in partnership with Amadeus.

COVID-19 has created a new challenge when it comes to international travel. Previously a handful of countries required travelers to have the yellow fever vaccine. This was proved with a yellow International Certificate of Vaccination meeting the WHO’s requirements. In the 21st century, nations are seeking a more modern solution for confirming COVID-19 vaccination status.

Air Canada’s new solution

On Tuesday, Air Canada will begin trialing its new health passport solution on two routes. Both routes will originate from Frankfurt, flying to Toronto and Montreal. Passengers traveling on the route will be provided with a link to submit the relevant COVID-19 test documents on the mobile app or mobile website when checking in.

To use the service, customers will have to use the Centogene test center located at Frankfurt Airport or its sister site at the myZeil shopping center in the city center. The Frankfurt Airport Centogene center was initially launched in partnership with Lufthansa a year ago. In addition, Centogene recently launched an additional drive-through test station at the airport.

Only PCR tests allowed

Antigen tests are not accepted by Canada, meaning that passengers must pay for the company’s PCR tests. In the city center these cost €69 ($82), with results in 24 hours. This test and faster tests are available for a higher price at the airport, including a PCR test with results in 35-minutes for €279 ($333).

Once passengers receive their test results, they need to upload them to the Air Canada website by scanning the QR code on the test certificate issued by Centogene. The application will then verify the result and give a message if the process is successful. This will mean that passengers don’t need to demonstrate their COVID-19 status to the airport staff before departure.

Commenting on the new system, Mark Nasr, Senior Vice President, Products, Marketing and eCommerce at Air Canada, commented,

“As travel resumes around the world, we’re proud to do our part to support government health protocols that protect passengers and safeguard local communities. Once fully rolled out, this new function from Amadeus will make it easy for customers to securely submit their COVID-19 test results and records of vaccination for review ahead of their flights.

Nasr added,

Pre-validation of those documents will streamline the airport experience, one of many ways Air Canada is focused on elevating the customer journey with touchless travel services”

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