Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy

Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience working on media policy issues for private companies and/or within government, think tanks, or public interest groups.
  • Experience leading policy engagement with policy makers across the EU region.
  • Experience in government and policy landscape across the EU region.

Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy Preferred qualifications:

  • Excellent leadership and management abilities, and experience scaling teams.
  • Expertise in issues affecting YouTube’s business operations and interests in the political context.
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, and a track record of executing cross-functional projects.
  • Team player with the ability to exercise good judgment in a rapidly changing environment.

About the job

As a member of Google’s Government Affairs and Public Policy team, you’ll be part of a diverse global government affairs team, working across regions, product areas, and functions. You’ll combine creativity and intellectual rigor with the organizational skills to manage various campaigns, projects and initiatives. In this role, you’ll advocate for Google to bring external perspectives back into the company to inform our perception and direction. You’re passionate about the opportunity to shape the future of how we use and build technology for everyone.

As the Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy for YouTube, you will be the lead ambassador for YouTube’s issues and interests with policymakers and key opinion formers. You will be an expert in the policy environment affecting YouTube’s business operations in the region. You will coordinate with the Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) team to understand the policy issues that affect YouTube’s business operations and develop strategies to protect YouTube’s interests. You will keep the global YouTube GAPP team updated on emerging risks and help develop strategies for how to address them. You will be the primary point of contact for the GAPP team with YouTube’s business leadership team around political issues, campaigns, and engagement. You will be an effective manager who scales teams in a growing part of the company.

Google takes its responsibilities seriously, including engaging with government and other stakeholders on important public policy challenges. The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) team leads the company’s engagement with executive branch officials, legislators, regulators and third-parties in the formation of public policy. Working closely with Google leaders, GAPP seeks to identify key policy issues, listen carefully to others’ views and opinions, and distill and share the company’s perspective on those issues with external stakeholders. While we focus on challenges affecting the internet, our issue areas are increasingly broad and encompass many areas where public policy, business, and technology intersect.


  • Lead YouTube’s Public Policy engagement in the EU region by serving as an ambassador for YouTube’s interests to policymakers and key opinion formers.
  • Be the primary point of contact for the GAPP team on YouTube strategy, campaigns and engagement in the European Union political sphere.
  • Engage with YouTube leadership to develop public policy strategy, campaigns, and engagement within and across the EU region.
  • Be a thought leader in how YouTube operates in the political context who advises YouTube teams in how to get ahead of potential future policy issues.
  • Manage and scale YouTube’s EU GAPP team.