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Do common colds or flu strains leave permanent damage similar to what is being found with CoViD-19?

Enai Noki Paayam Thota

This post has CoViD-19 in the title but is a question regarding the human body and how it handles common colds and flu strains which are commonly received and dealt with throughout a normal life.

Is there any permanent damage caused, or is it simply temporary or none at all? Thanks!

Edit: I had a feeling common colds and flu strains had long-lasting effects, but the fact that I didn’t realize it until I was reminded and clarified by you all is a very important distinction that this isn’t something we think about often. I hope moving forward after CoViD-19, the dangers of simple common illnesses are brought to attention. Myocarditis is something that I have recently learned about and knowing how fatal it can be is something everyone should be aware of.

Ans By MillonMice

There’s a generally held strong suspicion that a lot of autoimmune chronic disease is caused by as yet unidentified viruses or bacteria – Most likely ones we’re already aware of. There’s a Nobel prize in finding the links.

For example, there are a few big trials at the moment looking at the link between dementia and chronic cold sores (as opposed to primary herpes, which is harder to do big long term trials on), and whether antivirals can protect against dementia – Would be big if true, particularly as the drugs are cheap.

Edit: To everyone in comments asking if their X infection could have caused Y. This is the internet, someone will come at you with a great anecdote or mechanism telling you that your Y is clearly caused by X. Don’t give in to the temptation to strongly agree, most autoimmune disorders have not been shown to have clear causes at this time. You’re human, you want to see patterns in noise.