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Are there any studies showing how many Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic vs pre-symptomatic, and is there a difference in the infection rate or viral load?


When the pandemic started, most of the attention was on “asymptomatic” infectees, but I’ve seen more people saying many of them may have instead been pre-symptomatic. What is the number of asymptomatic people that never get symptoms, and is there any differences between pre- and a- symptomatic people?

It’s extraordinarily difficult to obtain the data you’re asking because you’d need to do mandatory testing for your entire population to know the number of asymptomatic carriers. I don’t know of any countries that has done this so far. Comparisons within the testing group (% of people who got tested and are asymptomatic or display particular symptoms) suffer from bias from the very beginning simply because if you feel fine, you probably won’t risk the hospital or test location trip to get tested