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Nietzsche once wrote, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” What is your why?

The Tax Collector

My dad had dementia before he passed of cancer. He only thing I want you to never forget is that the emotional memory is the one that goes last. So even when he won’t make much sense verbally or his actions seem incoherent, he knows you are his child and will recognize you and cherish your presence.

Keep doing the things he loves with him like before. If he enjoys baseball, then keep watching games together, or books, gardening, etc .. My dad loved desserts and the last thing he ever ate with me, my wife and the kids was chocolate mousse at the palliative care unit. Give lots of affection, be compassionate, and patient. You got this! My wife and I wish you courage, strength, and peace of mind. Right there with you, friend!