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What is a scam not many people notice?

Gabriels Rapture

  • That “renting” a modem from your ISP is a huge waste of money. They’ll tell you “oh you should rent one because tech is always changing and it might go out of date” when I moved out on my own 4 years ago I bought a modem at Best Buy for 70$. If I had been renting from the greedy ISP’s this whole time I would have close to 500$ on rental fees. And while Tech is always changing a modem is not something that changes very much. So please if you are renting one go out and buy yourself a modem!
  • The Verizon $1 scam.

Verizon tacked a $1 fee onto 8% of their customer’s bills each month so, over the course of the year, they did it to every customer, about 150,000,000.

Their rationale was: 50% wouldn’t notice and just pay the charge or would notice and wouldn’t spend any time fighting a $1 charge. 50% would notice the charge and call to have it removed. Of those, 35% would get frustrated while on the call and give up.

This added approximately $120,000,000 to the bottom line each year (3 total) until caught. Once caught, they paid a $25,000,000 fine.