GCP app engine

GCP app engine GCP app engine

What is just a placebo effect but most people don’t realize?

Upside Down Magic 2020

How long it takes a Coinstar to process and count coins and return a receipt. It finishes quickly. So quickly that folks are skeptical of the accuracy. So a fake delay (with fake counting noises) was built in giving folks more confidence in the results.

A lot of scans do this as well. (Not virus scans, those just take a damn long time), but sites that show you the best deals are often done in a hundred milliseconds. They’re not really doing anything that intensive, just make a few requests to autotrader or whoever, which probably only returns 15 cars, and sort by lowest price.

But people wouldn’t believe it was the best price if it came back instantly, they wouldn’t think it looked hard enough. So they make them wait a little.