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What is something YouTubers do that annoys the crap out of you?

Valley of the gods

  • When people lie with their titles/thumbnails. I love watching restoration videos (people restoring old tools, machines, etc. to their former original condition) and I’ve noticed some people lying that they’ve done an amazing restoration in the thumbnail but actually do a crap job and ending up with a completely different item than it originally was. Basically don’t lie to your audience.
  • When their “introduction” is so long that I give up before actually getting to what the video’s supposed to be about.
  • Taking too long to get to the fucking point just to extend the video length. I don’t want to watch a 36-minute video of an 8-minute idea.
  • Some you-tubers have channels solely to piss people off.
  • Clickbait, unnecessary zooms, laugh tracks, and music that is used too much.