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What are some things you wish you had known about college before going?

Romance in the Air

  • That very few people are able to pick an area of study and stick with it throughout their career at age 18. Also that there’s no shame in a trade school. We had “you won’t get a real job without a 4-year degree” crammed down our throats. I have friends that studied to be welders, linemen, etc and they easily earn double what I do.
  • Imposter syndrome is so real. No matter how sure you are of yourself, when you walk into your first seminar everyone is going to seem smarter than you. Feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you’re a fraud is even more prevalent among women and especially women of color, so I’m sure many women here can relate. In the end, it’s important to remember that you earned your spot in college just as much as anyone else did. Whatever you accomplished to get to that point and whatever you do during your college experience is worthy and valid.
  • Parties aren’t all that. When it comes to social life in college, people love to mention parties. Of course, there are some great parties, but most of them involve overplayed music and a whole group of people just standing around.
  • The beginning sucks but it gets better. I thought college was going to be an amazing experience right off the bat. But my first year was riddled with homesickness, loneliness, and stress. It didn’t help that I had a roommate who told me, “if only gets worse,” whenever she saw me crying. But it got better! I adjusted, I made friends, had new experiences, enjoyed classes. The first year is the hardest bc you are adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. There are also weed-out classes if you’re a stem major that you have to get through before getting to the more fun classes. Every semester has been better than the last. Well, until COVID at least, my last year is kinda fucked now, but that’s a whole nother topic lmao…
  • I wish I had known how to cook more healthy and cheap meals. I started getting into cooking in my senior year and I definitely missed out in those first few years.