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It is a War Thriller based on the theme of Indian Army and Uri Surgical Strike.

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Top 10 Comedy TV Series Of Week 48

Comedy is everything. A reprieve from the world or an accessible way into it, the genre of “Mary Kay and Johnny” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has evolved into wider and wider territory over the many years it’s spent on TV.

Top 10 Action TV Series Of Week 14 Of 2020

Top 10 Action TV Series Of Week 14 of 2020 - JioTorrent
Top 10 Action TV Series Of Week 14 of 2020 – JioTorrent

With Bill Krackomberger, Kelly Stewart, Dave Oancea, Todd Wishnev. This four-part docu-series explores the legalization of sports gambling and its evolving …

The Irishman Reviews

It’s brilliant, but best to go in with as few expectations as possible

When I love a movie as much as I love The Irishman, I feel torn. On one hand, I want to review it and rave about it and try to convince others to see it. But then on the other hand, I realise that doing so could set expectations too high, which could then lead to some people getting disappoint (this happens a lot with horror movies that get hype at film festivals and then rejected by disappoint wide audiences, like with The Witch, It Follows, and Hereditary).

Gangster Avengers born for Netflix

This film is super long. Too long to sit in the cinema for as fantastic as it looks. I ran out of snacks, I was so grip I didn’t go to the toilet which meant my bladder was bursting only adding to the tension.

The Last Of Its Kind

I don’t know where to start on this one other than thanking Netflix for being the only distributor to fund this movie so we could see Big screen legends take their last big swing. The set and screen is smaller than I like it to be, it being release on a streaming site but it’s better than never seeing it.

Just amazing

Classic Scorsese . De Niro is the best he’s been for years . Pacino is really magnetic and charming . But for me, Joe Pesci is the standout. Quietly deadly, magnetic , loyal, complicated, its him that will get the Oscar . Saw it at the cinema ( sorry Netflix but I am not watching Scorsese at home ) and it was superb. Oh Anna Paquin is use quite cleverly as well. Good actress . Decent performance Go and see it at the cinema . You will remember the masters returning for one last ride…

To call it “good” is to call DaVinci a finger painter

I’m going to steal something I read from a food critic once-this deserves a zero because it’s so good it’ll ruin everything else for you. And that’s what this masterpiece is to cinema. It’s truly just that effing special. It remind me just how much I miss Pesci. Never in my life has time flown by as quickly as it did watching this. A true joy and a privilege to witness. Well done sirs. Well done.

Weak by any standard but by Scorsese it’s very

Sadly a subpar effort from one of my all time favorite directors. The story is weak (by Scorsese standard) and overly stretched. I can understand the appeal to revisit his trademark Italian gangster genre one more time, but this one feels unnecessary.

The also trademark Scorsese humor is in-existent (except for the painting walls bit). De Niro looks disorient, in the worst physical (hunched over almost the whole movie) and acting shape ever and out of place. Not very surprising, either.

He spent the better part of the last 15 to 20 years doing mock impressions of himself which after the novelty fade end him up in a series of quite dubious productions.

Long, boring and disappointing

While this is De Niro’s best performance in years, and it’s great to see Pesci back on screen, this film is strangely subdue and slow, and not half as entertaining or engrossing as either Goodfellas or Casino were. Unfortunately, this films seems to reflect a Scorsese who is aging, or perhaps the fault lies with the freedom that Netflix gave him, when a lot of editing could have been done to tighten this film up. Even if you’re watching this on Netflix in say 3 x 70 minute sessions, not much really happens in this time to make it compelling enough to want to stay till the end.

Disappointing by Scorsese standards

First off, let me set this straight that I’m not repel by long or slow films. However, The Irishman is at the very least 30-40 minutes too long, and the suspense sometimes is kill off by characters dragging the scene too much. The biggest offender would be the second last arc which I’m not gonna spoil.

Review the Movie, not the Director

Peoples are losing their minds over the saint director, forgetting the movie. Sure, it’s well made, fascinating history. But it’s second nature for De Niro, and Pacino overreaches at times. The third reel is repetitive over the decline of the De Niro character. Would be a better movie at 2hr 30. In fact, I thought it had end about then, but it meander on another hour.

Almost Perfection

Other reviewers at the top, when sort by Helpfulness, have already cover much of what makes this film so exceptionally good. As such, and knowing that I have a tendency to sometimes exceed the number of allow characters, I’d like to add just a couple of small things.

Should have been made 20 years ago

The De-aging effect was very distracting and not really hiding well the old age of the main cast. Deniro, Pacino and Pesci all move and talk like old people…perhaps because they are old and some cgi can’t fully hide that fact. The direction of Scorsese is what keeps this movie engaging here and there but at the same time it remind me a lot of ‘Goodfellas’ and a feeling of ‘been there, done that’. If only this movie was made 20 years ago (I know Scorsese wanted to do it for a long time) when the main cast was still relatively young than there wouldn’t be any need for de-aging effect and everything would look more natural.

DeNiro beating up diner guy is where it goes bad

The movie stars bold, we get some nice action, a somewhat of a storytelling and trying to ignore weird looking CGI on DeNiro’s face.

But what happens later, oh man…..

When i saw this 76 year old men “beating up” the guy in diner for touching his daughter, with moves like grandpa, clumsy and unnatural i left my pink glasses and really started to pay attention to details.

I say it’s dream come true for cinephiles

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is a magisterial mob epic…this movie is reflective more about greatness and losses. Finally Scorsese has brought the lost charm of gangster movies after so many years…but don’t expect that this movie is treated with the same manner of Goodfellas..and the violence in this movie is not as extreme compared to his other movies in this genre, it’s mainly focuses on the relation between Frank Sheeran and his boss Jimmy Hoffa..more like I say this is the ultimate gratitude to mob or gangster genre from the greatest living director with his competency.

Do bosses like Michael Scott actually exist? And if you work/ed for one, what’s your craziest story?

My boss is certainly Michael Scott-esque. When I first started I was essentially Pam as well since I was both receptionist and his assistant to some extent. My favorite story was back when we were prepping for a conference. Some context, he’s terrible with the English language in general and will mangle phrases and descriptions to no end (how the turntables…). So on a group call, he kept talking about wanting a “golden hamster ball” to do giveaways with.

Was raving about how great it would be spinning around while people walked by, all the while everyone on the call was just sitting in confused silence. However, by that point, I had become so good at decoding his nonsense that I knew he was referring to a gold raffle cage and sent him an image privately asking if it’s what he was thinking. To this day he still talks about the fact I can read his mind and must be psychic. And he still refers to it as a hamster ball.

All in all, he’s a pretty nice guy and a solid boss. Hired me based on a gut feeling and has been decent to me ever since. I think I knew it would be a good fit when during the interview he tried to tell me about the four pillars of the company and forgot one. Told me later it was Knowledge.

Do you (WOMEN) ever get the feeling that a friend doesn’t like you anymore? How do you deal with these feelings?

I am someone that has done this a lot. It isn’t that I do not like them anymore but more so that we have both changed so much since the start of those friendships. In high school and college, those friends were friends mostly due to proximity.

Once we weren’t forced to be near each other on a daily basis anymore, I found we had nothing to really talk about. It used to be what was happening around school or with mutual friends but once I was taken out of that, I found I had nothing in common with them.

And it takes time to really get to know someone, we might click at first but then you start to really learn their values and goals, etc and maybe it isn’t aligned quite the same as yours. Even if it is aligned now, there is a chance it will change in 5 years because we are always growing!

Lately, I have noticed that the older I get the shorter my energy meter gets… I’m practically in bed by 8 pm. With any free time, I only want to spend that energy with family and people I click with the most. For these reasons, I don’t really go out of my way to reach out to most friends anymore because it is difficult to maintain so many friendships

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Avrodh Torrent Magnet 2020

Avrodh Torrent Magnet 2020

Avrodh Torrent Magnet 2020

Avrodh Torrent Magnet 2020

Avrodh Torrent Magnet 2020

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