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Women who feel like everyone around them has their life together (getting married, having kids, career in check) and you feel behind. How do you deal with this?

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Ans By Coacolaloco

I definitely have this problem too, and I have no idea. It’s way easier said than done when saying things like don’t compare, or people might have problems you don’t know about.

I’m surrounded by people getting married or announcing pregnancies every day while I’ve been single for 2.5 years and dating is awful here. I just lost my new great job. I was going to move out of my parents and now I can’t. No one else in my family was single past 22 and none of them have been affected by these times either.

Mostly I have a lot of hobbies, just keep trying because I have no choice, try not to look at FB, and totally break done every once in a while. Most people don’t ask me how I am anyway but a lot of my family will be together soon and I’m dreading it. I know most mean well but I’d rather not be asked over and over again where I work and if I have a bf yet.