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What should you keep in mind before starting a relationship? (Women)

Ans By Moosevmouse


There was absolutely no game playing or coy attitude. We met, became true friends, then one day we kissed and it just felt right. Usually by that point I am constantly questioning my own behavior– “Am I being too much?” “Does he actually like me?” “Should I wait to text him?”

But he was very honest and forthcoming with me about his feelings for me, what he wanted, and always answered me when I texted or called. Even if it was to say he didn’t know what he wanted or that he was busy or unavailable or didn’t want to talk, I was never left wondering what I had done wrong or what he was thinking, he told me.

It also helped me to unlearn a lesson that society often teaches that we should expect our partner to read our mind. If I don’t communicate what I want, feel or think, how are they supposed to know and respond? Setting expectations is amazing and doesn’t effect romance at all.

i.e. ‘I have my big show tomorrow night and I’m very nervous. I want you to come and meet me backstage after with hugs and love! We can then go for a drink and talk about it and celebrate” My partner then knows this is a big deal to me, I want them to share it with me, and that I need support. The way they chose to support me (flowers, a post-it note on my dressing table, a mid-show text) is still a surprise and full of love.