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Which fictional characters do you find both very attractive and overpowerful?

Agents of Shield S07E10 Torrent Magnet 2020

movie howl: devastatingly attractive, the room is a mess of opulence, does cool magic that awes and inspires. has a cool, cute sidekick (Markus) and an adorable demon.

book howl: covers himself with slime and cries when Sophie accidentally dyes his hair pink. gets a cold, becomes a literal, actual baby. attractive WHO

He does that in the movie too, he throws a huge fit and the house gets gross and slimy and Sophie makes him take a bath.

Well to be fair about the sister part, Howl was actually investigating about Sophie and how she might have been cursed and using his well-known identity as a womanizer as the excuse to court her.

But I don’t think he was actually romantically into her, and Sophie’s sister was just playing Howl the whole time too, trying to seduce him so Howl wouldn’t go for Sophie(!).

Howl does do some horrible things due to his lack of a heart and seems to like seeming as a truly evil person to avoid deep relationships, even when his motives are good.

Some of his worst actions ended up playing out in further developments like finding out what happened to Suliman and the Prince, but he does tend to be selfish with his money and magic.

He rarely uses his magic for others and continues to surround himself with material goods despite having the magical prowess to do it himself.