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AWS and azure comparison

aws and azure comparison aws and azure comparison

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard someone say?


When I was like 13 I told my friend that there was such a thing as a Liger. They had successfully mated a lion and a tiger. His response “you idiot, tigers ARE female lions”


We took the argument to his mother to settle it. She took his side.

I love tigers!! What are your thoughts on the private zoos, like we saw in Tiger King? I personally couldn’t get through the series, it made me really uncomfortable.

I couldn’t get through the series either. Despite their claims, private zoos like Joe Exotic’s do absolutely nothing good for tigers. They are not contributing to conserving tigers in any way. They perpetuate an endless cycle of breeding so that people can cuddle cubs, which produces surplus tigers that are expensive to keep.

There is no doubt that some of these are illegally killed and traded for their skins and body parts, helping to fuel demand for dead tigers, whether wild or captive-bred. A bill before congress, the Big Cat Safety Act, would address some of the worst aspects of private ownership of big cats in the US, and is worth supporting! Call your elected congressperson if you’re in the US.

R29 has a good article explaining it: