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“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.” When has this applied to your life?


Sounds like my first college experience. I was double-majoring in things that I wasn’t necessarily interested in but was good at, which had the potential to land me a good job after college and that my family encouraged me to do. I had no passions so I figured “why not?”.

After a few years I lost interest in completing them, and it wasn’t until ~10 years, two dropouts, gaining a therapist and being put on meds for depression, anxiety, and panic attacks (which actually only existed in relation to my academics, but given that was a huge part of my time back then it was basically constant) had happened did I finally decide to drop them (with junior and senior standing in each) and disregard the sunk cost of it.

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The mistake was going to college after high school at all. I hated school. I had no business going to college back then when I knew it wasn’t for me, regardless of what my family thought was best for me.

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Women who ended up marrying the first and only person you ever dated: did you ever wish you had dated other people? How did you know you were marrying the right person?

For me, there is always the chance someone more amazing is out there (there are 7bn people on the planet after all), but that would be the case whether I’d dated 1 person or 100. Wondering whether something better might come along is not how I want to live my life, though. My partner is amazing, makes me happy, improves my life hugely, is supportive and caring and makes me a better person. I’m not willing to risk giving up on that on a ‘what if’.

Obviously, if your first relationship is awful, leave it, but for me, I just know this is a good thing because it makes me feel good. I guess I’m content as I am!

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Fellow Men, dudes, bros, hombre, and any other word for beautiful fuckers. Who here has been proposed too? What are your stories?

So we’d been dating long distance for a year and we’d been talking about moving together with the coming fall.

I’d planned to propose during the summer and my plans were to arrange a ‘treasure hunt’ with a bunch of clues that would eventually lead her to a forest clearing where I’d be waiting with a picnic basket and then I’d pop the question. Or something like that, it was still February at that point so I had plenty of time to make plans.
Or so I thought.

In Finland, there’s this old custom that on Leap Day it was ok for women to propose and if the man said no, he’d have to buy her enough fabric for making a skirt.

Well, that year happened to be Leap Year so when Leap Day came she decided she didn’t want to wait, even though we had discussed marriage and I’d said to wait for the summer.

So there she was, looking nervous and cute. “So it’s Leap Day then.”
Long pause.
“Want to become my husband?”
“… Yes. Yes, I do.”

Well, big plans or not, I definitely wasn’t going to turn her down!

The wedding didn’t take place until the next year though as we wanted more time for wedding preparations.