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What Fictitious creature would help the world most if it existed?

Save The Planet Already

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Trubbish Pokemon. They eat trash. Our landfills will be heaven for them.

But it’s not that simple. If we’ve got Poison-type Pokémon running about, then we’d also need some ground-types and psychic-types to keep them in check. And if we’ve got ground-type and psychic-type Pokémon, then we’d also want some water-types, some grass-types, some ice-types, and maybe some ghost-types, dark-types, and bug-types to keep them in line.

And if we’ve got water-type, grass-type, ice-type, ghost-type, dark-type, and bug-type Pokémon, then you better believe we’re going to need some electric-types, some fire-types, some flying-types, some fighting-types, some steel-types, some rock-types, and some fairy-types.

And, heck, if we’ve got all of those guys we may as well throw in some normal and dragons.

And then maybe just maybe we build battlegrounds and gyms to make them fight each other and then proclaim their owners pokemon masters, just a suggestion

At the end it sounds like animal cruelty.